Should we use Free Anti Virus Software ?

There are number of free antivirus software available on the internet and such free antivirus software are free of cost on the internet. Companies who create this software do not charge for this software because they want to convince the consumer to buy the full version of their software and to gain some publicity and trust.

This free antivirus software will prove some basic specification to determine whether the antivirus really detects threats or no. The software has to detect threats and more the number of detection, the better is the software.

Free Anti Virus Software The most important job of antivirus software is to detect the virus as soon as possible. But some virus creators purposely trick the signature based scanners by reintroducing the existing virus in a different form or compression. So, this antivirus has to detect this kind of file and decompress it.

The adware and spyware category fares badly in a free version of antivirus software. This is because this facility is not supplied in the free version. To acquire this specification you have to buy the full version. The software should also test the footprints they leave behind because it is a gauge on how much memory the software’s full version will take.

Usually it takes up to 40MB of the disk space, which is quiet little as compare to other software disks.

As a conclusion to this topic, the software should be tested on its ability to remove a dangerous and stubborn virus. This is because the free anti virus software does not contain this facility. These kinds of stubborn viruses can only be detected and removed by full versions of the software. If one want to remove it manually than he/she has to go to the vendor’s database to remove it by themselves which is a very difficult task and should only be attempted by experts..

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