List of Best Antivirus Software Programs

It is essential to protect your computer from viruses and threats. Antivirus software programs help you in doing this. There are so many different types of antivirus software programs available promising to protect your computer at reasonable prize. Some important points in choosing an antivirus program are protection provided by the software, its user compatibility, etc.

Best Antivirus Software Some best antivirus software programs are:

1. AVG antivirus: It is free software available on internet and provides essential antivirus and antispyware protection. Its AVG link-scanner also protects you from fraudulent sites. It also provides a web-shield to protect your downloads from virus.

2. Avira antivirus: Its personal edition having basic features is free for users and trial versions of other features like web-guard and email scanner are available for one month. After that you have to pay some amount.

3. Bit-defender antivirus: It not only gives protection against malware but also protects you from phishing sites. It also gives protection for your files so that you can store your personal files and data on your computer without any fear. It also has features like two-way firewall and automatic backup.

4. McAfee virus scan: This antivirus tells you about secure and unsecure websites and its integrated firewall helps you to keep the hackers away.

5. Norton Antivirus: It provides control over viruses and spam, provides networking and identity protection, back-up and restore facility as well.

6. Kaspersky antivirus: It protects you from malicious software of any kind and also keeps you away from password stealing programs.

7. Panda antivirus: It works on set and forgets security system to protect your computer from viruses, also secure your computer from online threats.

8. Trendmicro antivirus: It is optimized for use with windows 7 and provides essential protection against viruses and spyware.

So there are so many antivirus programs available for your use and you can easily avail its facility.

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