Factors Considered in Testing Antivirus Software

The Software designed to detect and eliminate potentially harmful files that are downloaded to your computer from the internet or any other source is called antivirus software. This software utilizes system resources to protect and monitor your computer. As such, it affects system performance to quite an extent and this degree is different for different systems and software. Now, to know the use-ability of an antivirus program, tests are conducted based on the following three factors:

1. The extent to which system performance is affected by the antivirus software.

2. The scanning speed of the software.

3. The boot time taken by a system with the antivirus software installed on it.


Antivirus Software Any antivirus system will use system resources to a substantial extent and this will affect system performance. Most of the scan engines used by the programs today are designed to cut down on all extra usage of the resources while performing normal scans.

The lesser amount of resources used by the antivirus, the better is the software rated.


This factor means the total time taken to scan an average system having a hard disk of the normal size used today. The scanned files include DLL, TXT and many others.

The faster it takes to scan the complete system the better is the rating of the antivirus program.


This means the amount of time taken by a computer with an average but latest configuration to boot for the first time in the day after a complete shutdown. This also includes the initiation of the antivirus.

The faster the system starts, better is the antivirus software.

All these rating for the antivirus software are based on a relative comparison with other similar software available today. Also, these ratings are based on a standard configuration. So for the most accurate ratings, it is recommended that you try them out once on your computer.

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