Compare Antivirus Software

Today in this competitive world, it is very difficult for companies to survive with the single user product. Therefore, companies have to find innovative ideas to remain in competition. To compare antivirus software, many surveys and research are conducted to know which software is more in demand and, which is less in demand.

Studies from one magazine in December 2007 determine that usage of antivirus software is decrease in last few years. One magazine in Germany also found that detection rates have also decreased from 40-50% in 2006-07 to 30% in 2007. The only exception case was the NOD 32 antivirus, which manages the detection rate of 68%.

Compare Antivirus Software If you compare antivirus software, you can also compare the traditional antivirus software solution and latest antivirus software solution.  In traditional it runs virus scanners on schedule, on demand access scan. Etc. whereas new technology checks if the file is trusted and only questioning and further test the threat detection.

Latest research held in February 2010 says that none antivirus shows 100% virus detection. The best provides detection up to 99.6% and lowest provides 81.8%. All antivirus software provides false positive results. Process can be different for every company but providing the security is same main objective of the

To compare antivirus software you can also compare and evaluate the effectiveness by downloading it for a trial version, which is the easiest way to compare different antivirus software. You can also compare different things like price, graphical user interface, compatibility, etc. And the best thing to compare antivirus software is to check the data available in internet while buying antivirus software so that you can be sure that which is the best antivirus software to use for your computer as it also provides a reviews and customer feedback through which we can easily compare.

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