Tips on Choosing Perfect Free Antivirus Software

It is very easy to get free antivirus software from internet. Mostly, the companies which develop antivirus software provide a free evaluation version of antivirus software for public use. This encourages the customers to acquire the full version to safeguard their computers from virus.

Free Antivirus Software It is interesting to note here that whichever antivirus program you use, it is recommended to have just one antivirus installed in your PC. You will be surprised to know that if multi antivirus programs are installed, clash of files will occur and will lead to poor performance of your PC.

Antivirus software should also have the competency to spot the new virus on internet. So, it would be good to purchase the software which can detect these new viruses quickly. Sometimes, some virus creators intentionally repack an identified virus with a different archive or compression to cheat the signature based scanners. So, the software should be competent to decompress such files for virus scanning.

Mostly, the free antivirus software charges high in spyware and adware category. This happens due to unavailability of the specification in the free trial version, so you have to acquire the complete version of the software to enjoy the service. You should also see to it that the space of operation needed for your antivirus is sufficient.

As a result for this free antivirus evaluation, it is checked thoroughly to determine that how well this software can remove a virus. This is checked because most of the free versions of antivirus software do not have this facility and you need to acquire the complete version to get this facility. It you want to remove it manually, you need to check the database of the vendor to detect the virus. Then you have to remove it on your own.

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Selecting Antivirus Software Programs for Computers

Computer virus have moved far afield after the introduction of the very first prank-type bugs in 1970’s.The very first one was not hazardous and used to show its presence through a message. Virus can be of great damage and it is really a pity to humanity that viruses, which can literally destroy any business, are made by great software geniuses. They find it a lucrative profession and due to this reason, this is becoming common day by day.

Antivirus Software Programs Cyber delinquents strive at making the most malicious of viruses. Antivirus software programs can help you in protecting your computer system from such viruses. Going for some good program doesn’t require a lot of money but you should know about the right program which can keep your important files intact and safe.

Points given below may assist you in knowing about the ideal Antivirus software programs and so that you can select the best out of the lot.

There are a variety of Antivirus software programs available online that any person can get confused. Whether it is a free program or a paid one, there are certain features on the basis of which they should be tested.

The person should know about the efficacies of various programs. The best anti virus programs have an efficiency of around 99%.

Another important factor is the price of anti virus. In case of anti virus programs, you can’t really claim that the expensive ones will function well in comparison to others which are less costly. Free anti viruses, too, function effectively but they generally lack technical carriers.

For the first times, the usage of such programs can be brainstorming. Although, you don’t need an IT expert to make it work as anti viruses, today, are so made that a typical computer user can use it.

There are many programs available and you can select any according to your requirements. You can also refer to reviews.

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Tips to Compare Antivirus Software

Compare Antivirus SoftwareEveryone knows that they need to have antivirus software installed on their systems for safeguarding it. But which one is the best for you? It is very easy today to be confused due to the many technical details of the software. And most software available today is just there to cheat you. Hence, we have a here a basic method of comparison for different antivirus programs as to which is the most ideal for your computer;

1. Ease of Use

2. Effectiveness

3. Updates

4. Technical Support

1. Most of the software comes with a user manual or an installation guide. But there are many which don’t have this. What is more of surprise is the fact that even some of the paid software does not include it. Many guides are not at all easy to use and this factor is often overlooked while software is being compared.

2. The effectiveness of the software is tested by a few factors such as; how latest is the technology used by the software? And what is the degree of protection offered by it? You can look up to the reviews of the software on the internet and find out the answers to these questions.

3. Regular updates are a must for any antivirus software as there are new ways of attacking being devised every hour today. The database of virus definitions needs to be updated periodically for keeping your protection up to date. This thing should be done automatically by the software because if it is manual, it can be forgotten easily.

4. Are there any contact numbers or a live support available for the software? Do you have to make any additional payments for the same? These factors should be taken care of while buying today as tech support is the most necessary factor when it comes to antivirus software.

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How to Buy Best Antivirus Software

It is a very complicated job to search for the best antivirus software from the list of hundreds. It is not important that the most costly software will provide you best protection against threats. You can choose the best for your use depending on its features. Some features of antivirus programs are:

Best Antivirus Software On-demand scanner: The most basic feature of any antivirus is scanning on demand. It scans your whole computer or specified folders checking the virus contents in them. You can schedule the time to run this program or can run it manually when you want. The antivirus software needs frequent updates because this scanning facility will search only for the viruses available in its database. So to update the database with latest viruses you must update the software time to time.

On-access scanner: This program runs all the time and checks the files about to open for viruses. In this way your computer will not get infected with viruses if you forgot to scan any file. This program is very beneficial for commercial purpose but automatic checking of files will slow down the speed of the computer.

Email scanner: This program checks the email for viruses before it gets written to the disc. It also detects the viruses come with attachment in mail so protects you from viruses spreading through mail.

Web scanner: This feature checks harmful content in websites. It will automatically check the web pages for dangerous content. It is not an essential feature because when any content is downloaded from webpage gets scanned through access scanner. So it is not important that the antivirus software has this feature.

P2P and IRC scanners: There are some antivirus software programs that provide filters and scanning services for P2P and IRC file sharing. It is not an essential feature as the threats in the file can be detected by access scanner.

So all the antivirus software programs have different features and you can choose the best to buy according to the features useful for you.

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How to Choose the Best Antivirus Software ?

The existence of computer viruses started in the early days of seventies with the prank style viruses. The early viruses were not dangerous and the presence was shown through a message. But now days, viruses have grown to such a dangerous level that then can demolish the entire computer and can put unfavorable effects in businesses. Creating different and deadly computer virus is an attractive job for its makers which are growing at a rapid pace.

Cyber crooks are working hard on making deadly viruses. To protect your computer from such viruses, it is important to use antivirus software in your computer. You can choose some good software for this purpose and that would not cost you much but it is important to determine the appropriate software which can safeguard your files.

With the help of following tips, you can easily determine the right kind of antivirus software for your computer:

The best available software for protecting your computer from virus:

 Best Antivirus Software You may find numerous of software on internet which can put you in a fix. No matter it is a paid or a free version of software, there are some tests which need to be passed by the software so that it can be determined if it is a good software or not.

· Competence: The competence of different programs should be known by the programmer. Good antivirus software should be 99% competent.

· Cost-friendly: Cost also matters while making a purchase of antivirus. It is not important that a costly antivirus program would be better in comparison to cheap programs. You can also find some free antivirus effective, but sometimes they lack some technical functions.

· Application: You may find some difficulty if you have never used this program. It is very easy to use an antivirus as it the programs are made user friendly.

You can choose a program according to our requirement from the available programs. You can also check the reviews to make a decision.

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How to Protect Your Computer with an Anti Virus Software

Today technology has become an important part of everyone’s life. In home or office everyone uses computer and has data stored in it. Usually people lose their important data due to viruses, the ever-relentless hackers and computer crashes.

Now a day’s internet is just a click away from us and has made life easy for hackers too. With the help of anti virus software anyone can protect their important data from stubborn viruses especially if the usage of internet is on a greater scale. One will never know how valuable this software is until he/she loses his data, and this for sure is not an outcome for anyone to worry about. Imagine losing all your important work due to some reason and no way of recovering it. This will come as a blow.

Protect your Computer with an Anti Virus Software To search a good anti virus software, one must always look for software with higher ratings. This higher rating software has consumer satisfaction and higher success rate.

To get strong barriers for unwanted hackers and dangerous viruses this anti virus software plays an important part. Internet security and firewall settings are also important features in an anti virus software.

External hard drive is another way to protect and store your data. This acts as a pack up gadget.

External hard drive is convenient and easily accessible, it can store data virus free and inaccessible to hackers. In case if you lose data on your computer, this hard drive can get you back all your data.

One should not depend completely on external hard drive; it is recommended that a copy of all sensitive data should be kept in a remote secure area.

To keep your mind at ease file locking software can be used for securing your sensitive data safely. Your data can be stored with file locking software.

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Benefits of Trial Antivirus Software Programs

There are so many antivirus programs available in market and it is very difficult to judge for best program to protect your computer. To solve your doubts, companies are offering some day’s trial version for you. You can download the software free from internet and can install it easily on your computer. You can use it for certain number of days and after getting completely satisfied you can upgrade it.

Different companies are providing different trial periods. Companies can provide you with full version or partial version of the software in this trial period. All other versions of software are always available on internet from where you can download them anytime.

Trial Antivirus Software Programs There are different ways to extend the trial period of the antivirus software. You can buy a license key which depends on certain kind of application. Many trial software counts the number of days remaining in expiry of trial version and you can also extend the trial period by removing these entries or changing the time in your clock. For .Net based applications you can extend the trial period by again installing the program. Other way to increase the trial period is by changing the date in your computer. You can set the future date while installing the program and then again set the original date. This will really help you to check the software for long time.

There are many people who remove all the registry entries from the program and then install it again after expiration of trial period. They also use some re-setter applications to extend the date and time for unlimited period.

Extending trial version periods like this will able you to use the software for free but you may not get protection against latest viruses. So these processes are only to test the software for little long time. It will really help you to buy the best antivirus software.

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Antivirus Testing – Know the Basics

Antivirus software undoubtedly helps your computer fight from unwanted malicious programs, but it uses your computers resources and this purpose and hence your computer performance may be affected. To know which software is more usable as compared to others, we test them on certain benchmarks like overall scan speed of the software, how much is the system performance affected by the program and the time taken by a system that has the antivirus program installed on it.

First of all the antivirus programs use your system’s resources and this affects your computer’s performance and speed. Today, most of the antivirus software use such scan engines that are fast and meant to reduce any extra load on the system and its resources when they perform normal scanning operations.

Antivirus Testing Then comes’ the second step which rates the total time taken by the software for an average full system scan of an average hard drive in use today. The files scanned include, ZIP, DLL, WAV, ZIP and all others.

In short higher the speed of the scanning, better is the antivirus program rated.

Finally as a last step we indicates the duration for booting up a system with the latest yet average configuration for the first time in the day after it has been shut down completely. This also includes the time taken to start the antivirus software.

Faster the booting of the system better is the rating of the program

All the above ratings are based on comparison of different software that is available as of today. Moreover, the ratings are taken on a system with a standard configuration. It is best to try the software on your computer before buying it as this will give you more accurate ratings.

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