Should we use Free Anti Virus Software ?

There are number of free antivirus software available on the internet and such free antivirus software are free of cost on the internet. Companies who create this software do not charge for this software because they want to convince the consumer to buy the full version of their software and to gain some publicity and trust.

This free antivirus software will prove some basic specification to determine whether the antivirus really detects threats or no. The software has to detect threats and more the number of detection, the better is the software.

Free Anti Virus Software The most important job of antivirus software is to detect the virus as soon as possible. But some virus creators purposely trick the signature based scanners by reintroducing the existing virus in a different form or compression. So, this antivirus has to detect this kind of file and decompress it.

The adware and spyware category fares badly in a free version of antivirus software. This is because this facility is not supplied in the free version. To acquire this specification you have to buy the full version. The software should also test the footprints they leave behind because it is a gauge on how much memory the software’s full version will take.

Usually it takes up to 40MB of the disk space, which is quiet little as compare to other software disks.

As a conclusion to this topic, the software should be tested on its ability to remove a dangerous and stubborn virus. This is because the free anti virus software does not contain this facility. These kinds of stubborn viruses can only be detected and removed by full versions of the software. If one want to remove it manually than he/she has to go to the vendor’s database to remove it by themselves which is a very difficult task and should only be attempted by experts..

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List of Best Antivirus Software Programs

It is essential to protect your computer from viruses and threats. Antivirus software programs help you in doing this. There are so many different types of antivirus software programs available promising to protect your computer at reasonable prize. Some important points in choosing an antivirus program are protection provided by the software, its user compatibility, etc.

Best Antivirus Software Some best antivirus software programs are:

1. AVG antivirus: It is free software available on internet and provides essential antivirus and antispyware protection. Its AVG link-scanner also protects you from fraudulent sites. It also provides a web-shield to protect your downloads from virus.

2. Avira antivirus: Its personal edition having basic features is free for users and trial versions of other features like web-guard and email scanner are available for one month. After that you have to pay some amount.

3. Bit-defender antivirus: It not only gives protection against malware but also protects you from phishing sites. It also gives protection for your files so that you can store your personal files and data on your computer without any fear. It also has features like two-way firewall and automatic backup.

4. McAfee virus scan: This antivirus tells you about secure and unsecure websites and its integrated firewall helps you to keep the hackers away.

5. Norton Antivirus: It provides control over viruses and spam, provides networking and identity protection, back-up and restore facility as well.

6. Kaspersky antivirus: It protects you from malicious software of any kind and also keeps you away from password stealing programs.

7. Panda antivirus: It works on set and forgets security system to protect your computer from viruses, also secure your computer from online threats.

8. Trendmicro antivirus: It is optimized for use with windows 7 and provides essential protection against viruses and spyware.

So there are so many antivirus programs available for your use and you can easily avail its facility.

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Free Antivirus Software and Their Usability

The word free attracts everyone whether it is for software or for anything else. People always want to grab the things, which are available free. Many people want safety of their computer without spending any single penny and they search for free antivirus software. Free antivirus software is available on net and people who understand how to use them can protect their systems free of cost.

If you know how to protect your system with viruses with this way than many high qualities free anti viruses are available, and you can choose best among them according to your need and requirement. They prevent your computer from internet threats, infections, various viruses, and other infected files, which can harm your computer.

Free Antivirus Software and their Usability You should be aware about the functions of this free antivirus software so that you can protect your computer completely. Many names like AVG, neutron Mac and others are available, and you can download this software from the internet free. If your computer is already affected with this then off, course something more than the software which are CD’s and DVD’s of Anti viruses which will give instant protection to your computer.

You need to know few things about this free antivirus software so that you will not face problems in installing or processing them. You can never run two antivirus together in your system so while downloading make sure any previous antivirus should be not be present in your computer because they will clash.

Up gradation of these, software is also available, and you can upgrade your software time to time. Internet threat is increasing day by day and therefore, latest and modern protection is must for your computer. Search best sites where you can download this free antivirus software, run them into their computer, and get complete protection from various internet threats.

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Factors Considered in Testing Antivirus Software

The Software designed to detect and eliminate potentially harmful files that are downloaded to your computer from the internet or any other source is called antivirus software. This software utilizes system resources to protect and monitor your computer. As such, it affects system performance to quite an extent and this degree is different for different systems and software. Now, to know the use-ability of an antivirus program, tests are conducted based on the following three factors:

1. The extent to which system performance is affected by the antivirus software.

2. The scanning speed of the software.

3. The boot time taken by a system with the antivirus software installed on it.


Antivirus Software Any antivirus system will use system resources to a substantial extent and this will affect system performance. Most of the scan engines used by the programs today are designed to cut down on all extra usage of the resources while performing normal scans.

The lesser amount of resources used by the antivirus, the better is the software rated.


This factor means the total time taken to scan an average system having a hard disk of the normal size used today. The scanned files include DLL, TXT and many others.

The faster it takes to scan the complete system the better is the rating of the antivirus program.


This means the amount of time taken by a computer with an average but latest configuration to boot for the first time in the day after a complete shutdown. This also includes the initiation of the antivirus.

The faster the system starts, better is the antivirus software.

All these rating for the antivirus software are based on a relative comparison with other similar software available today. Also, these ratings are based on a standard configuration. So for the most accurate ratings, it is recommended that you try them out once on your computer.

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Different Malware Antivirus Software Programs

Malware is short form of malicious software designed to harm your computer. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, spyware and all other programs that can harm your computer or can steal any information from it. There are so many different antivirus programs available that fight with these malware and protect your computer from them. It completely scans your computer and detects any malware present in it. Downloading and installation of antivirus software is very easy, you can download it from internet or buy its CD from market.

Malware Antivirus Software You will find a list of antivirus when you make a search for it on any search engine like Google. These may be free or you may need to pay for them. So to choose best out of them you need to keep some important points in mind. You must choose the antivirus software according to your need. For big companies it is important to buy the software but home users can also use free software programs available. Trial versions of malware antivirus software programs are also available to help users to choose best software for them.

Some best antivirus software programs providing protection against malware are Avira antivirus, Norton, McAfee, Kesperkey, etc. This antivirus also provides firewall to protect harmful software accessing your computer. Using McAfee you can know about good and harmful websites while surfing on internet. Kasperkey protects your computer from all types of malware and password stealing programs. Using any of these antivirus programs you can save your computers from hacking.

To get the protection against latest viruses it is very necessary to upgrade these software programs time to time. These software programs automatically tell you about the upgraded version and you just need to click a button. You can also download the upgraded version from internet. So choose the best antivirus program for you and keep your computer away from malware and hackers.

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Compare Antivirus Software

Today in this competitive world, it is very difficult for companies to survive with the single user product. Therefore, companies have to find innovative ideas to remain in competition. To compare antivirus software, many surveys and research are conducted to know which software is more in demand and, which is less in demand.

Studies from one magazine in December 2007 determine that usage of antivirus software is decrease in last few years. One magazine in Germany also found that detection rates have also decreased from 40-50% in 2006-07 to 30% in 2007. The only exception case was the NOD 32 antivirus, which manages the detection rate of 68%.

Compare Antivirus Software If you compare antivirus software, you can also compare the traditional antivirus software solution and latest antivirus software solution.  In traditional it runs virus scanners on schedule, on demand access scan. Etc. whereas new technology checks if the file is trusted and only questioning and further test the threat detection.

Latest research held in February 2010 says that none antivirus shows 100% virus detection. The best provides detection up to 99.6% and lowest provides 81.8%. All antivirus software provides false positive results. Process can be different for every company but providing the security is same main objective of the

To compare antivirus software you can also compare and evaluate the effectiveness by downloading it for a trial version, which is the easiest way to compare different antivirus software. You can also compare different things like price, graphical user interface, compatibility, etc. And the best thing to compare antivirus software is to check the data available in internet while buying antivirus software so that you can be sure that which is the best antivirus software to use for your computer as it also provides a reviews and customer feedback through which we can easily compare.

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How to Download Antivirus Software

Viruses can harm your computer in so many ways. Different types of security problems can occur because of them. So, you must have a good antivirus program installed on your computer to fight with these viruses. Antivirus program is the software program that is used to prevent, detect and remove computer viruses and different forms of malware like adware, spyware. These programs monitor your system and keep it away from all kind of threats. You must update these software programs time to time so that they can detect newly created viruses. There are so many antivirus programs that you can utilize and many of them are free to use. You can download them from internet or buy its CD from market.

One website from which you can download free antivirus software easily is Here are some instructions to download software from this website.

Download Antivirus Software 1. When you open the main page of website, you will find so many programs available for download for different operating systems. First you have to select an operating system you are using from the tabs given on the webpage. The default tab selected is “Windows” and other tabs available are “Mobile”, “Mac”, etc.

2. Then click on security software link available on left hand side. By clicking on this you will get the list of all security applications. From this list you have to click on antivirus link.

3. You can further narrow your search by clicking on link of free antivirus software. You will get list of all the free antivirus software programs available. You can also sort this list by using the drop down box having options like “Date added”, “Product name”, etc.

4. Reviews are given for all programs to help you finding the best out of list. Download the program by clicking on download link and then run the program setup.

By following the above directions you can download your free antivirus software and protect your computer from threats.

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Antivirus Software Rating

Antivirus software has become the need of every office and house today. Antivirus software protects computers and laptops from different harmful threats and viruses. Viruses can be acquired from online or offline source and can harm the performance of your computer significantly. Good antivirus software is required to give protection to your system, and you can find it online easily. You need to have enough knowledge in order to choose perfect antivirus software for your computer.

Antivirus Software Rating You may come across number of antivirus software while browsing the net and can even get confused which software to opt for if you don’t have much knowledge. Therefore it’s always advisable to check the reviews and ratings of the antivirus software program on the internet. Antivirus software rating which is easily available on the internet can help you in selecting the best one amongst all. With the help of the antivirus software rating you can come to know about the popularity of the antivirus software.

Now days, websites are providing this facility where consumers or users can leave their feedbacks and can also provide appropriate rating to the software. Such ratings can help other consumers in choosing the right software for their computers. Antivirus software rating depends on the quality of the software and its user friendliness. Software are available in large numbers, and it become difficult to select a good one for you.

Antivirus software rating is done online in which consumers’ opinion, reviews, satisfaction level, etc. is taken into consideration on a 0 to 10 rating scale. The rating provided by the user is only considered once, so that the visitors of the website can have a biased view.

Thus antivirus software rating is very important in this era of internet as it is providing valuable help to consumers in selecting the best one.

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Antivirus Protection Software

It is well said that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’

It is applied everywhere whether it is for human body or for electronic things like computers. As a human body takes medicines for protection in the same way for computers, we need antivirus software, which can prevent, detect and remove the computer viruses, worms and Trojan horses. These viruses can be dangerous as they may damage our valuable files. However, Antivirus protection software may prove to be a good option to fight the viruses.

Antivirus Protection Software Based on the survey, it has been found that before 1980’s software was not much used because the flow and reproduction of viruses were limited to floppy disk.  Now due to internet connection, especially broadband facility, internet users have increased and flow of virus has also increased. This has resulted into development of virus day by day and therefore, Antivirus protection software became an integral part.

As use of internet is increasing day by day and security is must  now because you never know when and where any antivirus can harm your computer. This software gives protection from threats, viruses, spy wares, and other harmful things, which can spoil your computer. Major effects are slowing down the speed, hanging problems, data distortion, and other software problems in computer.

Antivirus protection software is available free online. You can download this software and make sure it is compatible to you are computer latest windows.   You need not to spend any money in buying this software simply searches online, and you will find a large number over the internet. Check their speed, popularity, read their reviews, check their ratings provided by other consumers, compatibility, and their latest versions to protect your computer. Read information provided on websites so that you will better know that which kind of software it is.

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Anti Virus Program – Protecting Your Computer Data

Today, humans depend a lot on technology and it has become a part of day-to-day life. Whether its office or home; everyone everywhere uses for work and storing information. And this data can be lost because of virus attacks, hacking attempts and system crashes.

Today, the world is connected by a single click thanks to the internet but, unfortunately for us, so are the hackers. Had it not been for the latest antivirus programs, all the people who use computers would have lost valuable data as it would not be protected at all. The persistent virus and hacker attacks would have lead to major losses of information and money. Even the mere thought of losing all valuable information due to any reason is a nightmare. It is a major reason of stress and tension for many.

Protecting Your Computer Data The one click way of interacting and working has made life easier for us and also for the hackers unfortunately. But thanks to the latest antivirus programs, everyone has a way to protect their data form persistent viruses especially if they access the net too often. The true value of the software is only understood when one looses their important data and this is going to make a lot of people very worried. Just the thought of losing all your hard work and efforts due to some stupid reason is frightening. This can be a major blow for many people.

For searching good antivirus programs, look for one that has high rates. The program has a greater degree of customer satisfaction and a better success rate.

For having a strong protection against hacker attacks and potentially dangerous viruses, the anti-virus programs play a vital role. The main important features of all anti-virus programs are a firewall protection and internet security.

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