Antivirus Testing – Know the Basics

Antivirus software undoubtedly helps your computer fight from unwanted malicious programs, but it uses your computers resources and this purpose and hence your computer performance may be affected. To know which software is more usable as compared to others, we test them on certain benchmarks like overall scan speed of the software, how much is the system performance affected by the program and the time taken by a system that has the antivirus program installed on it.

First of all the antivirus programs use your system’s resources and this affects your computer’s performance and speed. Today, most of the antivirus software use such scan engines that are fast and meant to reduce any extra load on the system and its resources when they perform normal scanning operations.

Antivirus Testing Then comes’ the second step which rates the total time taken by the software for an average full system scan of an average hard drive in use today. The files scanned include, ZIP, DLL, WAV, ZIP and all others.

In short higher the speed of the scanning, better is the antivirus program rated.

Finally as a last step we indicates the duration for booting up a system with the latest yet average configuration for the first time in the day after it has been shut down completely. This also includes the time taken to start the antivirus software.

Faster the booting of the system better is the rating of the program

All the above ratings are based on comparison of different software that is available as of today. Moreover, the ratings are taken on a system with a standard configuration. It is best to try the software on your computer before buying it as this will give you more accurate ratings.

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